The International Society of Systemic Auto-Inflammatory Diseases

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Past webinars

Thursday 29 October - 17h30-18h30 (CET)
A practical approach to genetic analysis for SAID in next generation sequencing era
Isabelle Touitou

Thursday 12 November - 17h30-18h30 (CET)
What’s new on FMF
Seza Ozen

Thursday 26 November - 17h30-18h30 (CET)
Autoinflammatory diseases in adults
Helen Lachmann

Thursday 10 December - 14h30-15h30 (CET)
Systemic onset juvenile arthritis: an update
Angelo Ravelli

Thursday 17 December - 17h30-18h30 (CET)
New monogenic autoinflammatory diseases in 2020
Ivona Aksentijevich


Thursday 14 January - 17h30-18h30 (CET)
Autoinflammatory diseases in COVID-19 times
Marco Gattorno


Thursday 28 January 2021 - 14h30-15h30 (CET)
An update on Interferonopathies
Raphaela Goldbach-Mansky


Thursday 4 February 2021 - 17h30-18h30 (CET)
Diseases of Immunedysregulation
Troy Torgenson


Thursday 11 February 2021 - 17h00-18h30 (CET)
From Beh├žet’s Disease to Canker Sores: The Genetic Architecture of Autoinflammation
Dan Kastner


Thursday 25 February 2021 - 15h30-16h30 (CET)
Paul Brogan