Scientific Programme

Confirmed Speakers

Andrea Ablasser (CH)
Alessandro Aiuti (IT)
Ivona Aksentijevitch (US)
Jordi Anton (ES)
Juan Arostegui (ES)
Eldad Ben Chetrit (IL)
Marina Botto (GB)
Paul Brogan (GB)
Scott  Canna (US)
Andrew Cant (GB)
Luca Cantarini (IT)
Isabella Ceccherini (IT)
Philip Cohen (UK)
Yanick Crow (GB)
Fabrizio de Benedetti (IT)
Erkan Demirkaya (TR)
Charles Dinarello (US)
Dirk Foell (DE)
Joost Frenkel (NL)
Raphaela Goldabch-Mansky (US)
Bodo Grimbacher (DE)
Ahmed Gül (TR)
Michaël Hofer (CH)
Hal Hoffman (US)
Steven Holland (US)
Barbara Horvath (NL)
Sun Hur (US)
Jae Jin Chae (US)
Dan Kastner (US)
Isabelle Kone-Paut (FR)
Jasmine Kuemmerle-Deschner (DE)
Helen Lachmann (GB)
Ronald Laxer (CA)
Dan Lipsker (FR)
Alberto Martini (IT)
Fabio Martinon (CH)
Angelo Marzano (IT)
Seth Masters (AU)
Isabelle Meyts (BE)
Seza Ozen (TR)
Angelo Ravelli (IT)
Boris Reizis (US)
Anna Rubartelli (IT)
Feng Shao (CN)
Isabelle Touitou (FR)
Marielle van Gijn (NL)
Aoife Waters (GB)


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