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Organising Committee

Marco Gattorno - President
Helen Lachmann - President-Elected
Paul Brogan - Treasurer
Erkan Demirkaya - Secretary
Karen Durrant - Patients reprsentative


Scientific committee

Clinical sub-committee

Antonella Insalaco (Italy)
Jasmin Kuemmerle-Deschner (Germany)
Sophie Georgin-Lavialle (France)
Sulaiman Al-Mayouf (Saudi Arabia)
Phil Hashkes (Israel)
Amita Aggarwal (India)

Basic Science sub-committee

Scott Canna (United States)
Seth Masters (Australia)
Lauren Henderson (US)
Stefano Volpi (Italy)
Sinisa Savic (Unted Kingdom)
Maria Cecilia Poli Harlowe (Chile)

Genetic sub-committee

Marielle van Gijn (Netherlands)
Juan Arostegui (Spain)
Michael Ombrello (United States)
Qing Zhou (China)

Patient sub-committee

Karen Durrant (United States)



About us

IssaidThe International Society of Systemic Auto-Inflammatory Diseases (ISSAID) raise awareness, catalyse basic research and promote scientific and clinical knowledge on all aspects of systemic auto-inflammatory diseases.

Contact Information

ISSAID 2021 c/o MCI Geneva
9, rue du Pré-Bouvier
1242, Satigny, Geneva


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