Preliminary Programme


  • Systemic auto inflammatory diseases (SAIDs) at all ages of life and long-term evolution
  • Neurologic inflammation, psychiatry and SAIDs
  • Clonal haematopoiesis and auto inflammation
  • Auto inflammation and vasculitis
  • Contribution of algorithms and artificial intelligence in SAIDs
  • Equity and Access to Innovative therapeutics in Rare Diseases
  • The view of the younger generations of SAID specialists “Dwarfs on shoulders of giants.”
  • Hot topics: New diseases and new therapeutic era for SAIDs

About us

IssaidThe International Society of Systemic Auto-Inflammatory Diseases (ISSAID) raise awareness, catalyse basic research and promote scientific and clinical knowledge on all aspects of systemic auto-inflammatory diseases.

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ISSAID 2025 c/o MCI Geneva



ISSAID 2025 Congress
08 – 10 April 2025

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Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
17 Boulevard Jourdan, Paris,
75014, France